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Advanced Authorship Metrics for Biomedical Research

Three alternative ways to assign credit for bioscience authors working in collaboratives. By Drea Burbank MD, consultant specializing in disruptive medical technology  Science is changing.  Trends such as authorship reform and increasing numbers of multidisciplinary studies indicate that scientific authorship may need to evolve.  Three alternative authorship structures that could gain traction in future include […]

Is there a Chinese version of ResearchGate to publish their journals/papers in English?

In the early twentieth century, scientific publications in French, German and English were held in the same regard internationally. After World War II, the United States government began a major economic expansion that allowed it to become the richest and most influential country in the world. This gave the English language further prominence in many […]

Solutions for Authorships

TALKING ABOUT AUTHORSHIP IN BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH Two simple practices to improve the quality of biomedical research and authorship. By Drea Burbank, MD and consultant specializing in disruptive medical technology   The reproducibility crisis has made authorship reform a priority for scientists. There is evidence from “meta-research” — a field of research