Journal Selection

Selection of the right journal is extremely important in order to improve the chances of your study/article being accepted.

It is a challenging process particularly for first-time authors, or for studies that overlap several disciplines. The journal selection can make the difference between rapid dissemination of your findings and a paper that is difficult to find and rarely cited.

Research Medics will help you select the most suitable journal for your study/article. Our team of editors, consisting of published authors, and former peer reviewers of various journals will analyze your manuscript and recommend journals with the maximum chance of publication success and covering the appropriate target audience.

They will consider the following factors during journal selection:

If the journal is peer-reviewed

Scope of the journal and field of study

Significance of the article in its field of speciality

Does it publish original research or review papers

Impact factor of the journal

Average citation index of papers published in the journal

Average duration of review process vs your urgency to publish

Does it have an online submission system

Cost of publication (page charges etc.)

Accessibility features (open access, etc.)

Readership and circulation of the journal (regional/ global)

International indexing status

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