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Our experts understand what is needed to successfully manage the submission of your manuscript to your target journal

After you have drafted your manuscript and decided upon your target journal, the next stage in the publishing process is to correctly submit the manuscript following the step-by-step submission process, which can vary greatly from journal to journal. Extensive instructions and protocol must be followed before your article is published. Navigating a journal’s unique submission process and following specific technical requirements can be a tedious, and often perplexing, task.

At Research Medics, we will help you at every stage from submission to publication. We will help you avoid the frustrations of adhering to the strict, and often-complicated instructions of many biomedical journals, and ensure that your paper complies with the specific journal’s guidelines and requirements. We will monitor your manuscript status throughout the submission, peer review, and publication process and provide you with continuous updates.

Our journal submission process will include the following:

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