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Is there a Chinese version of ResearchGate to publish their journals/papers in English?

In the early twentieth century, scientific publications in French, German and English were held in the same regard internationally. After World War II, the United States government began a major economic expansion that allowed it to become the richest and most influential country in the world. This gave the English language further prominence in many fields, including scientific research.

Leading scientific organisations have a clear preference for material published in English. At present, English is considered the international language of science, technology, commerce and communications, enabling physicians and researchers from around the world to communicate and share knowledge.

It is still necessary, however, to recognize the highly-regarded journals published in languages other than English, like the influential Revista Española de Cardiologíaand several of the PubMed indexed Hungarian journals.

This begs the question; why invest the time, effort and money of publishing a full text in English when there are successful journals in other languages? A study published in the Acta Ortopédica Mexicana journal showed that approximately 40.7% of the queries made to the abstract were in English*.

Whereas an article with local impact may be more conveniently published in a local language journal, an article with international context will reach more scientists and readers when published in English. More and more authors are striving to write and publish their research in English to improve their visibility, citations of their work and their standing in the medical and scientific community.

Modern science demands a widespread audience. Are you a medical researcher with a successful slate of publications in your own language? Several major journals have multilingual editions, so why not increase the citation of your articles internationally by also publishing in English? With the help of a qualified translator, your work can be edited and proofread by experts in the field who have an impressive track record publishing in high impact factor medical journals. At Research Medics, many of our experts are on the editorial board of medical journals.

For those who are fluent in English, the professional editing and proofreading service at Research Medics is sure to correct any errors in grammar, consistency, spelling and punctuation before you submit it to your destination journal.

Researchers across the world in Medicine, Dentistry, Bioscience and Pharmaceuticals are looking to discover your progress and contributions. If you are considering the prospects of publishing in high impact English-language journals, Research Medics offers you its Language Editing and Proofreading services, Translation Services, and much more, to increase the chances of your article being published with great success.

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