Journal Specific Formatting

Layout, citation, and reference formatting in compliance with journal specific submission guidelines

To ensure publication success, journal specific instructions and technical guidelines must be carefully followed before your manuscript is ready for submission. The Research Medics team will review the requirements of your target journal, and ensure that your manuscript strictly adheres to these. Failure to follow instructions may cause unnecessary and disappointing delays in the submission process.

Our journal specific formatting services will ensure:

Manuscript compliance with journal specific guidelines and requirements

Inclusion of all the required information on the title page

Inclusion of all necessary components (e.g. following the IMRAD format)

Adherence to specific word count restrictions (title, running title, keywords, abstract, main text)

Adherence to abstract layout and content instructions

Correct page layout and formatting of text, headings, and subheadings

Uniform use of standard and non-standard abbreviations, and symbols

Adherence to any table, image, or reference number limits

Correct formatting of tables and table titles

Correct placement, format, and annotation of figures and figure legends

Utilization of correct citation style (Harvard, Vancouver, etc)

Verification of accuracy and format of references

Authors will be alerted to any missing components necessary for the submission, with advice provided on how to proceed.