Response to Reviewers

Research paper publication is rarely a one-step process.

Submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed to assess their suitability for publication, and very few articles are accepted by peer-reviewed journals without revisions. Authors are required to address and respond to all the issues and concerns raised by the reviewer. At this stage, it is vitally important to understand and correctly interpret the reviewer’s comments, make the necessary revisions, submit a comprehensive cover letter, and clearly communicate point-wise responses to ALL the reviewer’s queries.

These post-submission tasks have to be executed carefully to increase the chances of publication success. With the content you provide us, we can help you prepare and submit the appropriate response to all of the reviewer’s comments, ensuring the correct tone and relevance.

Our experts will do the following:

Help you source any necessary scientific information in response to the reviewer’s comments

Edit and polish responses in consultation with the author to enhance quality

Ensure correct English usage

Maintain correct tone

Prepare a suitable cover letter

Upload the responses to the journal’s submission system

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